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Excerpts from the book and biography by Maximillien DE Lafayette in, Volume 6 of FAMSPA’s WHO'S WHO in ENTERTAINMENT GREATS from the 1800'S to the PRESENT:  CINEMA, STAGE, MUSIC, DIVAS, LEGENDS.
Blues Babe

"Teressa" Brewer; is also known as “Blues Babe.”  Unquestionably, she is one of the most versatile and prolific artists in the business.  She is a poet, a producer, a writer, a composer, a vocalist, a musician, a media personality, Blues/Jazz pioneer, an activist, and a celebrity in her own right. Cousin of Leanne Womack and Roy Rogers and a direct descendant of one of the pioneering families of the USA, the Womacks; Ms. Brewer's family is one of the founding families in the US.   She was born and raised in Oregon.  She has spent most of her life performing throughout the US and Canada, particularly Las Vegas and the southern US.  While she can sing any style, she is best known as a blues/jazz, R&B vocalist and harmonica player. Her style like her beauty is dynamic. Her warm sultry voice, stage presence and passionate performance catapult her success nationwide.
As the Las Vegas Mirror put it "Teressa Brewer has more moves than the L.A. Rams backfield!"

In addition, she is a virtuoso harmonica player. Teresa arrived in the Ozarks in 1998 to find her long lost family. She moved to the St. Louis area in the summer of 2007. Teresa has performed at many venues nationwide. The highlights for her personally, were the House of Blues in New Orleans, had a bit part in the movie "Heat "with Burt Reynolds. She was the associate producer for "The Show of Shows" at Caesar's Palace and been a co-founder of many organizations including the NW Florida Blues Society, the Las Vegas Blues Society.  Ms. Brewer is the founder and president of American Family Rights Association-Missouri, Inc. and All Scripts4Less, helping families in the Ozarks with legal and prescription costs issues.

In 1998 she was the producer for Earth-day's show "Reflections" at Seville Square in Pensacola Florida. The success of this event was talked about for years. She is credited for bringing the blues to N.W. Florida, assisting in the first annual Blues Festival. Her band "Teressa Brewer's Armed and Dangerous Blues Band," was the only female blues act in N.W. Florida at that time and the hottest band in the area. Widowed and left to raise five children completely alone in 1987, with no supportive family, made road trips no longer an option for Teressa, so she became a broadcaster and public speaker after attending National Broadcasting School in Portland Oregon. The result was employment by KFAR/KWLF radio in Alaska as well KATN -the ABC/NBC affiliate, writing, directing, producing and voicing spots, doing news, board operation and A.E. At KNEWS in Las Vegas she was the weekend news anchor and reporter. She is the featured artist on the King Tut Blues Band's album "Start Singin the Blues" in 2006,  which she did a tribute to T-Bone Walker with her performance of Stormy Monday, which was not released to the public,  but is a demo.   Teresa Brewer is also a published poet. Her poem "The Struggle" was the winner of an annual poetry contest and she was inducted into the Poet's Literary Society.  This work was honored in Washington D.C. in 2000 and she was invited to add her pro's to that of Gandhi, in celebration of her poetic vision.

The New Year's Day 2009 suicide of her guitarist and co-songwriter, Stevie "Doc" Betts, devastated Ms. Brewer.  She moved back to her native state of Oregon to the coast, where she writes and produces her works and collaborates and publishes other artists and authors.
In 2009 and 2010 she worked with the band, One Way Out.
In 2011 she performed with blues legend, Larry Garner and also with Norman Jackson and Pawn Shop at the Greater Ozarks Blues Fest.

Ms. Brewer has been the guest featured artist of Blues Hall of Fame inductee and award winning blues woman; Candye Kane at Duff's Garage in Portland, Oregon.  It was a grand night of blues diva's all onstage together, including, Laura Chavez, Karen Lovely and Lucy Hammond.
Ms. Brewer is President of International Women in Blues.   In March 2012, BluesBabe cut two singles "BLOW MY BLUES AWAY and BORN WITH THE BLUES, in collaboration with English Bluesman; Silvertooth Slim, introducing him to the western and blues world and fans.  She did a live interview on KZFR 90.1 to tell the world about Slim and their works together.  You can purchase your copy and read all about that on Slim's website here.   These songs are airing on KCOR, WLEW, KZFR and other stations worldwide and streaming online.  In June of 2012, Ms. Brewer did a live interview with DJ Jerry Sweley at KZFR 90.1 FM.  You can also hear her music on Phillip Ryan's Sunday Night Blues which airs on KCOR, WLEW and other stations worldwide.  CANDLE IN THE DARK was released June 1st, 2012 and co-written by Teressa "BluesBabe" Brewer and Amy Yago and produced, engineered and arranged by Ms. Brewer.

BLUES BABE’S first EP, features her latest releases in rockin' blues west coast  style.    ICE COLD BLUES & IT MUST HAVE BEEN AN ANGEL, are her newest releases and collaborations of Ms. Brewer and her late guitarist, Steve “Doc” Betts .  Jeff Gates performed, recorded all the guitars, bass, keys and drum tracks and BluesBabe is on vocals and harp, produced, mixed and mastered ICE COLD BLUES.  These songs are deep blues and show a whole different depth in Teressa “BluesBabe” Brewer’s and Stevie “Doc” Betts’ souls.   Jeff’s guitar skill rocks it, as if Doc were standing right next to him, playing with him. 
BluesBabe's blog is read world wide and her DIARY OF AN ANGRY BLUES WOMAN, discloses the life, knowledge and thoughts of this dynamic blues diva and living legend.

Her music is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and all major online retailers as well as